Daniela Mercury Brazilian superstar from
Bale Mulato ,the latest CD by the fiery singer-dancer

Daniela is from the Bahia northern coast of Brazil,famous for its samba bands,the young Daniela is a true ambassador of Carnival.Brazilian superstar from Salvador,
Bahia, a city steeped in Afro-Brazilian traditions which has also
produced Caetano Veloso, Maria
Bethnia, Olodum and Gilberto

Mercury mixes traditional Brazilian samba with reggae. Though
Menezes is better-known in “World Music” circles after a world tour with
David Byrne, Mercury is more popular inside
Brazil, thanks to her flawless pop sensibility and unapologetic use
of electronic instruments. Her voice is a treat, supple and clear
but with a strong edge to it – full of life. She’s a
terrific dancer too, and her live shows emphasize choreography as
much as music. Her made-for-TV looks didn’t get any doors slammed
in her face, either. But her most valuable asset is her knack for
making harmonic sophistication accessible with simple hooks and
gritty rhythm arrangements, both on her own compositions and the
tunes she selects.

Mercury is an effervescent song stylist whose full bodied voice powers
both hip-shaking, anthemic tunes and poignant romantic narratives with
unwavering conviction and passion. A larger-than-life performer,
Mercury possesses a magnetic stage personality that never fails to
enrapture and fascinate concert goers., Billboard

Sol Da Liberdade CD

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